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Vol. III, Book 2, Chapter 9: The Plains of Enedwaith

Starting at:

Halbarad (NPC)

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Quest Description:

The Grey Company rides now south out of Eregion and onto the plains of Enedwaith, the northern stretches of Dunland.

Objective 1
Lothrandir will be waiting for you at Echad Dagoras, the next stop on the Grey Company's journey south into Fordirith, in northern Enedwaith.

It is time to ride south into Enedwaith. The Grey Company will stop for rest at Echad Dagoras, in Fordirith.
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Objective 2
Lothrandir is at Echad Dagoras, the camp of the Grey Company in Fordirith, the northern reaches of Enedwaith.

The Grey Company has passed into Enedwaith, and you should speak now to Lothrandir to learn the lay of the land.
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Objective 3
Wadu of the Uch-lûth has come to Echad Dagoras in Fordirith.

Lothrandir has asked you to speak with Wadu of the Uch-lûth.
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