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Vol. III, Book 2, Chapter 5: Forces at Work in Eregion

Starting at:

Saeradan (NPC)

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Quest Description:

The ride of the Grey Company continues, with the Dúnedain travelling further south into Eregion.

Objective 1
The next leg of the journey will take the Grey Company to Echad Eregion, and it is there that they will meet up with you again.
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Objective 2
Fúsi Gem-cutter is at Echad Eregion.

Radanir has asked you to speak with Fúsi Gem-cutter about his serious problem, a problem which has brought the Grey Company to a halt.
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Objective 3
Fúsi Gem-cutter's father Fúni was attacked somewhere east of Echad Eregion.

Fúsi has asked you to find the site of the attack and determine where his father has been taken by the Ninkoth uruk.
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Objective 4
The tracks at the fallen backpack lead east. It is in that direction that Fúni Gem-cutter must have been taken.

You have learned in what direction the Ninkoth uruks have taken Fúni Gem-cutter and should follow the tracks.
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