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The Lost Hunter

Starting at:

Daervunn (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Daervunn has befriended a Dunlending hunter by the name of Umfrë on the fringes of the Mournshaws after the hunter rescued him from a pack of vicious hounds. However, Umfrë has recently disappeared into the Mournshaws after giving chase to one of the hounds, and Daervunn is concerned that he may be in some danger...or even dead.

Objective 1
Umfrë is lost somewhere in the Mournshaws.

Daervunn asked you to find Umfrë the hunter, who disappeared into the forest, hunting for a Cun Annun that had been terrorizing his village.
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Objective 2
Umfrë is at Echad Daervunn in the Mournshaws.

You should return to Daervunn's camp and speak with Umfrë.
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