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The Derudhs' Circle

Starting at:

Umfrë (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Umfrë told you of a small community of Dunlendings who are chosen by their clans to enter the Mournshaws and commune with the spirits who live there. He believes that they might know of a way through the deep woods into the south.

Objective 1
Berries may be found along the forest paths in the Mournshaws.

Umfrë suggests that you gather berries as a tithe to the Derudh of the Mournshaws before you approach them.
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Objective 2
The Derudh of the Mournshaws may be found at a stone circle called Galar Culch to the south of Echad Daervunn.

Umfrë told you to approach the Derudh with an offering of berries.
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Objective 3
Enit is at Galar Culch, south of Echad Daervunn.

Enit the Derudh may know a way through the Mournshaws into Dunland.
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