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Challenge: Naruhel

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The Red-maid is lost -- or so it seems -- to the corruption wrought upon her land at the hands of corrupt Men. These Men stand before her, ready to sacrifice themselves for the Red-maid, and they deserve this fate. However, the nobility of your blood will be a greater reward for her, and when these Men fall before her willingly, she will see that the noble are attempting to destroy her and ignoble keeping her this way.

Objective 1
The Créoth will sacrifice themselves to the Red-maid to restore her strength and connexion to the corruption within the swamp. These Men deserve nothing better than death, and your presence in standing against the Red-maid may alert some part of her to the folly of her ways. You should let these Men die and strengthen the Red-maid, then defeat her. Perhaps a piece of her will understand that the corruption has grown too great, and she must return to the natural world which she was once part of.
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