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Cache and Carry: Hidden Medicine

Starting at:

Braigiar (NPC), Braigiar (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Braigiar has assigned you the task of finding a number of hidden caches of supplies scattered throughout northern Enedwaith. If you can uncover these supplies, the Grey Company will be able to pass through swiftly without as having to resort to bartering with hostile locals or stopping to hunt.

Objective 1
Braigiar has pointed you to a cache of herbs and poultices he says is hidden in the northeastern area of Fordirith. He believes it should be buried among a stand of pine trees eighty paces north of a boulder marked with the Rangers' rune.
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Objective 2
Braigiar said the cache of medicines would be buried among a grove of pine trees roughly eighty paces north of a large rune-marked boulder.
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Objective 3
Braigiar is at Echad Dagoras, south-west of the medicine-cache.

You have discovered the Rangers' cache and dug up the medicines hidden there. Now you should return with them to Braigiar.
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