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Vol. III, Book 1, Chapter 5: Loose Ends in the North Downs

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Halros (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Now that Halros has made his decision, it is time to gather more of the Dúnedain to join the ranks of the Grey Company on its mission.

Objective 1
The Ranger Daervunn can be found in Esteldín, the hidden Ranger encampment in the North Downs.

Halros has told you to next bring your message to Halbarad, but since the Ranger is often away seeing to the elimination of threats, you should speak first to his second-in-command, the Ranger Daervunn.
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Objective 2
Halbarad is in Tham Úmdúr, in the shadow of Ost Crithlanc, far to the east of Esteldín, in Nan Amlug East.

Daervunn told you that Halbarad has gone to investigate a cave where foes fleeing from Carn Dûm following the defeat of the False King hope to create a new Angmar. If you are to enlist Halbarad's help as part of the Grey Company, you will need to travel to Tham Úmdúr.
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Objective 3
Three stone idols of great significance to the Angmarim can be found throughout Tham Úmdúr.

Halbarad has already destroyed three of the idols, but three remain, and he wants you to deal with them.
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Objective 4
Halbarad can be found near the entrance to Tham Úmdúr, in the North Downs.

You have destroyed three of the idols prized by the Angmarim and should return now to Halbarad, as he asked.
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Objective 5
Daervunn is in Esteldín, the hidden Ranger-camp in the North Downs.

Halbarad has sent you back to tell Daervunn to to gather as many Rangers for the Grey Company as can be spared without jeopardizing the safety of the people of the North Downs.
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