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Vol. II, Book 6, Instance: New Devilry

Quest Description:

The Elves of Lothlorien have sent you deep into Azanarukâr to find out what has happened to Magor and discover what is really going on in the uncharted depths.

Objective 1
Upon entering Azanarukâr, you are confronted with the battallions of Mazog's elite troops. The Elves have asked you to remove the threat of Mazog in Azanarukâr by defeating their leaders.
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Objective 2
You have defeated the leaders of the Moria-Orcs that Mazog sent to Azanarukâr and found Magor, the lost elf. Now, Magor wants you to help him defeat the Nameless creatures that dwell deep in Azanarukâr. He will need assistance in putting an end to the scourge.
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Objective 3
Magor has helped you clear the way to a darker deeper lair. Sensing great danger, he has gone for help, leaving you to seek out the new threat. Seek out the evil ahead and defeat it.
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Objective 4
You have killed two great Regmyl that have claimed to guard Azanarukâr for a long time. You hear horrible bellowing roars ahead and can only guess at what danger lurks behind the next turn.
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