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Vol. II, Book 6, Chapter 7: Beyond Light and Knowledge

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Lenglammel (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Lenglammel has so far been unsuccessful at her primary mission in Moria: locating and rescuing Mithrandir, if one can indeed rescue a Wizard.

Objective 1
The Black Lake and the bottom of the Endless Stair are both among the Foundations of Stone.

Lenglammel has asked you to search several locations for sign of either Mithrandir or the Elf Magor.
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Objective 2
Lenglammel is in her camp of Gwathrendath, among the Foundations of Stone.

You have searched both locations, and found the burned hat of Gandalf in the middle of the Black Lake. The Endless Stair has been choked by burned and blackened rubble. It seems that Gandalf survived long enough to do battle with the Balrog, but what happened then is unknown to you. You should speak now to Lenglammel.
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