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Vol. II, Book 2, Chapter 6: Goblins in the Western Halls

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Brogur (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Brogur is skeptical that the Heart of Fire even exists, and wants you to at least do something about the goblin problem while you search for it.

Objective 1
Goblins can be found among the Silvertine Lodes, south and below the Great Delving, and their maps can be found within Gamil Filik, the mine they have occupied.

Brogur asked you to slay goblins while you seek the Heart of Fire, and to keep an eye out for their maps; it is possible they discovered the forge and included it on their crude maps.
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Objective 2
Brogur is in the Chamber of Command, up the eastern stairs in the Chamber of the Crossroads, located at the southern entrance to Durin's Way, north of the Great Delving.

You have slain many goblins and collected their maps while searching for the Heart of Fire.
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Objective 3
Bósi is in the Chamber of the Crossroads, just outside the Chamber of Command.

Brogur has not seen anything of use on the crude goblin-maps you found, but his cousin Bósi may have better fortune interpreting them.
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