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Vol. I, Prologue, Instance: Rescue by Moonlight

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Svanr, the former harbour-master of Kheledûl, has brought you a down a hidden path to the gates of the city. It is now up to you to sneak into Kheledûl and free Avorthal.

Objective 1
Avorthal is being held on the "Irestone," the ship docked at the port-city of Kheledûl.

Unless you free him tonight, the "Irestone" will carry Avorthal far from rescue and doom Ered Luin to war between dwarves and Elves.
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Objective 2
Avorthal is on the deck of the "Irestone," still docked at Kheledûl.

The Captain of the "Irestone" has been defeated. You should speak with Avorthal and make your escape.
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