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Vol. I, Book 11, Chapter 3: Cairns for the Fallen

Starting at:

Calenglad (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Calenglad fears for the resolve of the Dúnedain and has set them to gathering stones with which to build cairns for their fallen brethren.

Objective 1
Stones from the buildings of Annúminas can be found all throughout the great city and would be ideal for constructing cairns in memory of the fallen Rangers.

Calenglad has asked you to collect stones from throughout the streets of the City of the Kings with which to make cairns for Tadan, Colhamnir, and Carchammadel.
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Objective 2
Calenglad is at the Ranger-camp on the island of Tinnudir, in Evendim.

You have collected stones from Annúminas to use in the building of cairns for the Rangers slain during the escape of Mordrambor and should return now to Calenglad.
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