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Vol. I, Book 7, Chapter 8: The Gates of Carn Dûm

Starting at:

Lorniel (NPC)

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Quest Description:

With the key to Carn Dûm in hand, the time has come to move against the forces of the False King and try to rescue Golodir.

Objective 1
Lorniel awaits you at Gath Forthnír in eastern Angmar.

Lorniel told you to speak with her again when you were ready to begin your raid on Carn Dûm.

This quest is meant for a fellowship. If you choose to undertake this quest solo you will receive an inspiration bonus, but the challenge will be great.
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Objective 2
Golodir is at Gath Forthnír.

You have rescued Golodir, but at a terrible cost. The False King, Mordirith, appeared and slew her. You were able to weaken Mordirith and escape with Golodir back to Gath Forthnír.
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