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Vol. I, Book 7, Chapter 2: Crossing the Shadow

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Lorniel (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Lorniel told you that she believes her father still lives, held captive in the dungeons of Carn Dûm. She hopes to find a way inside the terrible city and rescue him.

Objective 1
Meet with Raghnall south of Bail Cátharnakh, west of Gath Forthnír.

Lorniel told you that she had heard from a Hillman named Raghnall who was seeking to leave the service of Angmar and might have information that will allow her to gain access to Carn Dûm.
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Objective 2
Lorniel can be found within Gath Forthnír, east of Bail Cátharnakh.

You met with Raghnall and he gave you a scroll that explains how to forge a key for the Gates of Carn Dûm.
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