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Vol. I, Book 5, Chapter 8: Fire and Ice

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Elrond (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Elrond told you that after the dwarf-king Durin defeated Thorog the dragon, the body of the dragon was left to moulder in the empty treasury of Helegrod. He fears that the ice and cold of Orod Lostol will have preserved the body to such an extent that the arts of the Gaunt-lord, Drugoth, may be able to instill it with a fell spirit and raise it as a wight.

Objective 1
Helegrod is north of Rivendell and Glóin's camp.

Elrond has asked you to enter the treasury of Helegrod and put a stop to the Nazgûl's schemes. He warned you to gather allies.

This quest is meant for a fellowship. If you choose to undertake this quest solo you will receive an inspiration bonus, but the challenge will be great.
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  • Step no.1
    Enter the Helegrod treasury and end the Nazgûl's schemes Click here to insert images

Objective 2
Elrond can be found in the library of Imladris.

In the treasury, you encountered the Nazgûl and were able to defeat him. You also interrupted the ritual being performed by the Gaunt-lord to restore the dragon Thorog, although part of the process was completed, and the dragon flew off. Elrond should be made aware of what happened.

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