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To the Deep Descent

Starting at:

Athils (NPC)

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There is much work to be done for the Longbeards to reclaim their ancient home of Moria.

Objective 1
To reach the Dolven-view from Durin's Threshold, head east through twisting caverns into the Great Delving. Once there, go east into the cavern and then south up a short stair followed by a long upwards slope lit by torches -- this path leads to the Dolven-view. Immediately upon reaching the Dolven-view proper, turn south and exit the cavern through a hewn tunnel, this will lead through the Stone Council chamber into the Silvertine Lodes -- just a short ways south of there you should come upon the Deep Descent expedition.

Athils has instructed you to find the Deep Descent expedition and speak with Thalfar.
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