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Amber for Othrikar

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Ottar (NPC)

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Quest Description:

The dwarf Ottar has asked for your help recovering an overdue delivery of amber that he expected at Othrikar some days ago.

Objective 1
Ottar's smiths were looking for amber in the hills north and west of Othrikar.

Ottar sent you to look for the smiths he sent in search of amber north-west of Othrikar, and charged you with bringing him news of them...and bringing too any amber they may have found. In return, he suggested he might give you permission to use the superior forges of Thorin's Hall, in Ered Luin.
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Objective 2
Jaki Stonehand is resting by the amber his party unearthed north-west of Othrikar, where Ottar is waiting for the delivery.

Pick up the amber by Jaki Stonehand and carry it south-east to Othrikar. Try not to engage in battle, for the amber is fragile and may easily break.
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Objective 3
Ottar is at the centre of Othrikar.

Ottar is waiting to speak with you about the fate of Jaki Stonehand's expedition and to thank you for delivering the amber.
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