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The True Thieves

Starting at:

Heithur Ironfist (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Heithur Ironfist believes that you are now very near to recovering the stones that were stolen from his couriers.

Objective 1
Rochwen is north of Barachen's camp, on the road that runs through the South Trollshaws.

Heithur Ironfist has asked you to speak with Rochwen about the stone-trolls of the region so you may retrieve the stones stolen from his couriers.
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Objective 2
Stone-trolls in the South Trollshaws can be found north-east of Rochwen's post.

Rochwen believes that one of the stone-trolls of the South Trollshaws must have taken the stones from the dwarf-couriers, though that is most unusual. She advised you to bring friends with you, for even a single stone-troll is a dangerous opponent.
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Objective 3
Heithur Ironfist is at Barachen's camp, south of the road, atop the sloping hill that lies in the shadow of the tall cliffs.

Heithur Ironfist is waiting for you to return with the stones stolen from Glóin's couriers.
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