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The Tainted Living

Starting at:

Radagast the Brown (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Somehow the very essence of the Red Swamp has been corrupted. Radagast the Brown, a Wizard who has come to Agamaur, seeks to learn the cause.

Objective 1
There are many corrupted stumps in the north-west of Agamaur.

Radagast has asked you to gather bark from the corrupted tree-stumps in Agamaur, so that he may continue his study into Ivar's means of causing the corruption. He warns you that Agamaur should not be traversed alone. You should gather allies.
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Objective 2
Radagast is in the Eglan-camp in the southern parts of Agamaur.

The task was not simple, for enemies were abundant in the swamp, but you managed to gather nine strips of bark for Radagast. You should return to the Wizard with your bounty.
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