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The Last Ingot

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Halmur Stoneshaper (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Halmur Stoneshaper, a descendant of the original Halmur Stoneshaper, son of Vithurr, has been charged with guarding the strongbox you seek until all its contents are returned.

Objective 1
The stolen ingot might be found atop Orod Laden.

Halmur Stoneshaper suggested you seek the stolen ingot atop Orod Laden.
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Objective 2
The stolen ingot might be inside Hjortur's strongbox, atop Orod Laden.

You defeated Hjortur Dourhand and should now search the strongbox he guarded for the stolen ingot.
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Objective 3
Halmur Stoneshaper is in the tomb of his ancestor on the hill to the right as you approach the dwarf-keep in the pass of Gabilazan from the south.

Halmur Stoneshaper is waiting for you to return with the stolen dwarf-gold ingot you retrieved from the descendant of the thief who stole it long ages ago.
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Objective 4
The second strongbox is within the tomb of Halmur Stoneshaper in the pass of Gabilazan. Larus Sharpshard at Glóin's camp, north of Rivendell.

After helping Halmur Stoneshaper reclaim the stolen ingot and fulfil his family's oath, he has allowed you to take the strongbox to bring it to Larus Sharpshard.
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