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Addie's Missing Sons

Starting at:

Addie Wheatley (NPC)

NPC: Addie Wheatley (NPC) image 1 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
NPC: Addie Wheatley (NPC) image 2 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
NPC: Addie Wheatley (NPC) image 3 thumbnail 
thanks to: Silriel
Quest Description:

Addie Wheatley, an impoverished, elderly woman afraid for her sons, Amlach and Malin, went into the Barrow-downs in search of her treasure-seeking sons.

Objective 1
There is a place immediately upon entering that some mistake for the Dead Man's Perch.

Addie Wheatley said that her son Amlach was going to set camp at the Dead Man's Perch, but was not there when she and her guides arrived. She fears that Amlach became lost in the southern Barrow-downs while searching for his brother, Malin.
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Objective 2
Addie Wheatley awaits your return among the relative safety offered by the guides at the Dead Man's Perch.

You have found Addie Wheatley's son, Amlach, dead within the grave-stones in the southern Barrow-downs. In his hand, you found that he was grasping a tattered journal. You should bring the journal back to Addie, as she will want to know the fate of her sons.
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