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The Black-fire

Starting at:

Aggy Digweed (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Aggy Digweed has dubbed the foul substance you found \qBlack-fire\q and called it a dark magic of the Orcs. She believes the Orcs have more and that it must be destroyed if Trestlebridge is to be saved.

Objective 1
The Black-fire crates are on three hills in Nan Wathren.

Aggy Digweed said that there are three large hills connected by rope bridges in Nan Wathren and asked you to search those hills for more Black-fire crates. She told you to keep an eye open for half-orcs, as full-blooded Orcs are too brutish to create magic like the Black-fire. As the Black-fire powder explodes when touched by fire, Aggy asked you to put the Black-fire to the torch, destroying it all. She also suggested you take friends.
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Objective 2
Aggy Digweed can be found in Trestlebridge.

In your search of the three hills in the Nan Wathren, you found Black-fire crates atop each hill. You also found half-orcs, who spoke of a someone named Lugbas, who may be their leader. Aggy should know what you found.
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