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Tasty Little Farmers and Gardeners

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Taskmaster Fikdag (Orc)

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Upon arriving in the Ettenmoors, scouts were sent to the far corners in search of allies and enemies within the land. In the south, just across the Hoardale river, a secluded village of plump rat-folk was found, and the inhabitants there were found to be resistant to the forces of Angmar. It was also discovered that the folk were quite tasty.

Objective 1
Rat-folk with fat round bellies are rumoured to live in a village far south beyond the Steps of Gram.

Taskmaster Fikdag wants you to make your way into the southern area of the Ettenmoors in search of rat-folk.
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Objective 2
Taskmaster Fikdag is at Dar-gazag.

You slew the rat-folk with ease and now should return to Taskmaster Fikdag.
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