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Old Odo's Leaf-Farm

Starting at:

Rollo Boffin (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Rollo Boffin told you of Odo Burrow, Longo's father. He had a farmstead in the south, but Longo abandoned it when his father died. Rollo is curious if Longo is using it again for some other purpose.

Objective 1
Odo Burrow's old leaf-farm is south of the clearing where you found the missing waggon.

When you found Longo's missing waggon, there was no sign of Gerebert Took, but the leaf had been moved southwards. Rollo Boffin suggested you search boxes and crates at Odo Burrow's old farm for some sign of Gerebert. He warned you to bring friends, for it might be dangerous.
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Objective 2
Esilia Took can be found near the centre of Tuckborough.

At old Odo's leaf-barn, you stumbled across Gerebert Took. Once you freed him, you were attacked by some strange Men. After defending Gerebert from the Men who attacked you, he escaped and said he would meet you back at Esilia Took's house.
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