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New Home for the Relics of Old

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Glangilith (NPC)

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The Ranger Glangilith is worried that the Black Númenórean Dolvaethor and his Angmarim minions will plunder the precious relics within Haudh Valandil.

Objective 1
The entrance to the tomb is on the island beyond the bridge of Ariant, on the highest level of the city.

Glangilith has asked you to recover priceless relics from Haudh Valandil before the Angmarim ruin them.
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Objective 2
Glangilith is in the court of Tirband, at the base of the watchtower that overlooks Annúminas. If he is not, he asked that you return the relics to Captain-General Daerdan at Echad Garthadir, the Ranger-encampment in the center of the city.

You have recovered several priceless relics from the depths of Haudh Valandil and should now give them to Glangilith, so that his people can keep them in safety until the Angmarim are cast out of Annúminas.
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