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A Road Seldom Travelled

Starting at:

Rochwen (NPC)

NPC: Rochwen (NPC) image 1 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin
NPC: Rochwen (NPC) image 2 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin
NPC: Rochwen (NPC) image 3 thumbnail 
thanks to: Beleglin
Quest Description:

The Elf Rochwen has told you of Echad Candelleth, an Elf-camp in Tâl Bruinen, and suggested that you lend its keepers your aid.

Objective 1
Haradir is in Tâl Bruinen, somewhere near Echad Candelleth. Rochwen told you to head east until you can see the Bruinen river, and then to follow a dirt path south as it climbs the hills above the western bank of the river. She advised you to pay close attention to the path, as it is covered in brush and crossed by streams, and said that you would find Haradir somewhere along its length. He can guide you to Echad Candelleth.

Rochwen has asked you to help the Elves at Echad Candelleth with their charge of keeping Tâl Bruinen free from danger to travellers.
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Objective 2
Nestael is at Echad Candelleth, the Elf-camp in Tâl Bruinen, just over the south-east hill from Haradir.

Haradir has told you to introduce yourself to Nestael at Echad Candelleth.
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