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Mapping Zurr-tharûkh

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Káti (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Geirfast rebuilt an ancient yellow dwarf-lamp for you. He told you that this lamp will show you a hidden dwarf-door in Zelem-melek.

Objective 1
Zurr-tharûkh, hidden behind a dwarf-door, is said to be somehwere within the halls of Mudmul-charâf, west of the Twenty-first Hall.

Zurr-tharûkh is a tomb where some of Khazad-dûm's finest warriors were interred. Káti was able to tell you its general location, but left finding its entrance up to you.
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  • Step no.1
    Find the dwarf-door entrance to Zurr-tharûkh Click here to insert images

Objective 2
Káti is in the Twenty-first Hall, east of Zurr-tharûkh.

Káti will be pleased to hear you found the hidden dwarf-door entrance to Zurr-tharûkh.
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