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Long Live the Queen

Starting at:

Gammer Boffin (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Polo Proudfoot needs new queens for his hives to replace the ones killed by the honey-bears.

Objective 1
Farmer Proudfoot is guarding his hives in the meadow south-east of Tuckborough. The wild beehives you are looking for are in a bear-infested area further south-east past the meadow.

Farmer Proudfoot sent you to Gammer Boffin in Overhill to obtain some balm to keep off the bees, so you can collect a hive for him. Gammer Boffin warned you that the salve will not last long, so you will need to collect the hive as soon as possible and take it to Polo Proudfoot.
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Objective 2
Polo Proudfoot would like to take a moment to thank you for your efforts.
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Quest: Long Live the Queen, objective 2 image 534 thumbnail 
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Quest: Long Live the Queen, objective 2 image 535 thumbnail 
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