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A Plea from Lainedhel

Starting at:

Sergeant-at-Arms Irminric (NPC)

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A force out of Angmar threatens to press south into Eriador. A lone Elf has organized a band of defenders to stand against the army out of the north and dispatched emissaries to the Free Peoples in search of heroes willing to make a stand against Angmar's army.

Objective 1
Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn is at Glân Vraig in the Ettenmoors.

Captain-General Lainedhel's emissaries are asking any would-be heroes to make their way into the Ettenmoors to bolster their small numbers. Many stable-masters have trained horses who can take you to the Ettenmoors. You should speak with Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn upon your arrival there.
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