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Innocence in Peril

Starting at:

Ivorel (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Ivorel, the leader of a scout expedition into the Scuttledells, is concerned about the fate of Hal Tiller, an adventuresome young hobbit who asked to be allowed to aid the Elves on their expedition into Mirkwood. Ivorel fears that the inexperienced hobbit may have been slain by the horrors lurking in the clefts of the Scuttledells.

Objective 1
Search the southern Scuttledells for signs of Hal Tiller.

Ivorel suggested a few places where he might most likely be found as part of the mission he was assigned, but she believes that he is most likely dead.
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Objective 2
Ivorel is at her camp in the Scuttledells.

You should return to Ivorel and show her the pack you found.
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