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Quest nameLevelCategoryDetailed
Valley of the Worms33North Downs Edit quest
Warg-master33North Downs Edit quest
A Pilgrimage to the Past34North Downs Edit quest
A Promise Fulfilled34North Downs Edit quest
A Request to the Earth-kin34North Downs Edit quest
Aurochs Mantles34North Downs Edit quest
Boar-tooth Dagger34Trollshaws Edit quest
Evils out of Fornost34Evendim Edit quest
Grave-rubbings34Evendim Edit quest
Leathery Wings of the Drakes34North Downs Edit quest
Masters of the Black Siege34North Downs Edit quest
Scales of the Earthbound Foe34North Downs Edit quest
Seeking the Source34North Downs Edit quest
Siegecraft34North Downs Edit quest
Some Disease Affects Them34Trollshaws Edit quest
Techniques of the Masters34North Downs Edit quest
The Stolen Stones34Trollshaws Edit quest
The True Thieves34Trollshaws Edit quest
True Intentions34North Downs Edit quest
Very Unlike Trolls34Trollshaws Edit quest
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 1: Ranger of the Fields34Epic - Vol. I, Book 3: The Council of the North Edit quest
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 2: The Gates of Fornost34Epic - Vol. I, Book 3: The Council of the North Edit quest
Vol. I, Book 3, Foreword: Fires in the North34Epic - Vol. I, Book 3: The Council of the North Edit quest
Weakening the Tide34North Downs Edit quest
A Friend in Ost Forod35Evendim Edit quest
A Member in Need35Inn League Edit quest
A Scout among the Bruinen Gorges35Trollshaws Edit quest
Bounty: Andy Idden, Goblin-friend35Evendim Edit quest
Bounty: Bill Tripper, Master of Blades35Evendim Edit quest
Bounty: Harry Hinchcliffe, Dead-eye35Evendim Edit quest
Ceremonial Dagger -- Introduction35Reputation Edit quest
Ending the Elder35North Downs Edit quest
Fresh Steed for Bree35Bree-land Edit quest
Fresh Steed for Michel Delving35Bree-land Edit quest
Fresh Steed for Othrikar35Bree-land Edit quest
Hillmen of the North35North Downs Edit quest
Honey-roasted Chicken - Introduction35Reputation Edit quest
Instance: The Defence of Trestlebridge35North Downs Edit quest
Loyalty's Proof35Evendim Edit quest
Mathoms -- Introduction35Reputation Edit quest
Odd Requests35North Downs Edit quest
Plague-bearer of the North35North Downs Edit quest
Proving Your Quality35Bree-land Edit quest
Reclaim the Lost Maiden35Garth Agarwen Edit quest
Rings of Rhudaur35Garth Agarwen Edit quest
Sealing the Pact35North Downs Edit quest
Seasoned Beef with Cauliflower -- Introduction35Reputation Edit quest
Siege-master35North Downs Edit quest
Signets of Rhudaur -- Introduction35Reputation Edit quest
Staunching the Flow35North Downs Edit quest
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