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Herbs and Simples

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Dagoras (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Orthonn, a younger Ranger from Esteldín, was sent to gather herbs and simples for the coming battles with the invading Orcs.

Objective 1
Orthonn is in the Kingsfell, probably near Gatson's farm.

Dagoras is certain that Orthonn will need help if he is to gather enough herbs to accomodate the Rangers in their bloody conflict with the Orcs of Angmar.
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Objective 2
Periwinkle can be found among rock outcroppings atop the hills of Nan Amlug, near Othrikar. Meadowsweet can be found in south facing tree roots in the spider-camp south of Esteldín. Butterbur can be found growing along the waters edge in the fens near the Elf-refuge of Lin Giliath in Meluinen. Orthonn is encamped in the Kingsfell in some ruins near Gatson's farm.

As Dagoras suggested, Orthonn has use for you. The young Ranger asked you to gather periwinkle, meadowsweet, and butterbur for him and suggested locations where the herbs might be found.
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