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Getting Out of Hand

Starting at:

Ingifast (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Ingifast worries that the numbers of the Orcs in service to the White Hand are growing too quickly and may eventually be able to compete with the Orcs and goblins of Moria for the honour of being the greatest annoyance to the dwarf-expedition.

Objective 1
White Hand Orcs can be found among the structures of the Redhorn Lodes, south-east of the Orc-watch.

Ingifast wishes you to thin the numbers of the White Hand Orcs. He fears they will soon become a greater threat.
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  • Step no.1
    Defeat White Hand Orcs in the Redhorn Lodes Click here to insert images

Objective 2
Ingifast is at the Orc-watch, north-west of the Redhorn Lodes.

Ingifast will be pleased to hear of the defeat of many of the White Hand Orcs inhabiting the Redhorn Lodes.
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