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Vol. II, Book 1, Expedition: The Top of the Waterfall

Starting at:

Throttólf (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Throttólf wants you to find the top of the waterfall inside the Brackwater and see if you can recover the treasure Ógur mentioned.

Objective 1
The treasure of which Ógur spoke may be at the top of the waterfall deep within the cavern known as the Brackwater.

Throttólf has asked you to find the passages leading to the top of the waterfall so you can investigate the possibility that some treasure might be found there.
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Objective 2
Throttólf is in the cave called the Brackwater, near the entrance, down a passage from the base of the waterfall.

You found the strongbox at the top of the waterfall, but whatever treasure it might once have contained has long since fallen into dust. You should return to Throttólf with these tidings.
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