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Evil in Ost Elendil

Starting at:

Legrindavor (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Legrindavor has been charged with eliminating the forces of Amarthiel that have seized Ost Elendil.

Objective 1
Fell spirits and their Angmarim masters can be found in Ost Elendil, beyond the bridge of Ariant.

Legrindavor has asked you to defeat the fell spirits inside Ost Elendil and bring him the blood-stained runes used by the Angmarim there to command them.
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Objective 2
Legrindavor is probably at Tirband, the court in front of the great watchtower on the highest level of Annúminas; if he is not, he asked you to bring the runes to Captain-General Daerdan at the Ranger-encampment of Echad Garthadir in the heart of the city.

You have defeated many fell spirits in Ost Elendil and taken blood-stained runes from their Angmarim masters. You should now return to Legrindavor.
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