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Enemies of Lothlórien

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Narfi (NPC)

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Orcs gather beneath several banners, but flock towards a single cause. This is disconcerting for the dwarves, and the intent of the war-host of Moria spurs the staunchest of Durin's Folk to action against the Orcs in the halls they have claimed for many years.

Objective 1
Narfi's brethren can be found at the Orc-Watch and Anazârmekhem, south-west of the Twenty-first Hall where Narfi holds his post.

Narfi has asked you to visit his brothers, Avar, Pálmar, and Teitur at the Orc-watch and Anazârmekhem and learn what assistance they need.
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  • Step no.1
    Complete Avar's tasks in the Grand Stair Click here to insert images
  • Step no.2
    Complete Pálmar's tasks in the Forges of Khazad-dûm Click here to insert images
  • Step no.3
    Complete Teitur's tasks within Fil Gashan Click here to insert images

Objective 2
Narfi is at the Twenty-first Hall, north-east of the Orc-watch and Anazârmekhem.

After many difficult forays into the very heart of the Orc-strongholds of Moria, you have had decisive victories and thwarted the creatures' attempts to make a devastating blow upon the Elves of Lothlórien.
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