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A Foul Wood

Starting at:

Lithuilas (NPC)

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Something foul twists the heart of the holly-forest south of Gwingris, corrupting the creatures which once dwelt there in peace.\n\nYou have been tasked with removing those Holly-Tenders and trees that have succombed to the shadow and now attack those who pass through.

Objective 1
Huorns, the great trees that move about freely, and Holly-Tenders can be found throughout Glâd Ereg.

Lithuilas has asked you to defeat the Huorns and Holly-Tenders which have been stirred to wrath. He recommends you take friends with you.
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Objective 2
Lithuilas is at Gwingris, north of Glâd Ereg.

Lithuilas will want to know of your success.
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