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Defence of Tirith Rhaw

Starting at:

Sergeant-at-Arms Mibrethil (Elf)

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Quest Description:

Tirith Rhaw, the tower on the eastern-most edge of the Ettenmoors, is a stronghold for the Free Peoples. Angmar's army is well aware of this and often organize raids to overrun the location to provide themselves a strong foothold in the east.

Objective 1
Defeat the foes from Angmar within the area of Tirith Rhaw.

Sergeant-at-Arms Mibrethil wants to ensure that the Free Peoples are prepared for the onslaught that will ensue at the walls of Tirith Rhaw and enlisted your help in driving the foe from the field. Stay within the immediate area of the tower and stand against the foe. If Mibrethil or Tirith Rhaw falls, report to Captain-General Tordúr at Glân Vraig.
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Objective 2
If Tirith Rhaw and Sergeant-at-Arms Mibrethil still stand, report to him for your reward. If the tower was lost or Mibrethil fell in battle, report to Captain-General Tordúr at Glân Vraig.

You stood against the foe within the walls of Tirith Rhaw. Your efforts were not in vain and you are owed a well-earned reward.
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