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Cold as Death

Starting at:

Nicca (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Nicca has told you of the fell spirits which wander the glacier and the creature that draws them forth, entombing them within the frozen husks of Men to serve as dark warriors.

Objective 1
Kibilzahar lies to the north-west of Kuru-leiri.

Nicca told you that some evil power has trapped fell spirits within the bodies of wights in Kibilzahar. Only the warmth of fire can banish them. He has told you to re-kindle the ancient fires that the dwarves once used to heat the ancient fortress. He also warned you of an evil lord who haunts that place, and to be ready to face him with allies should you go there again.
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Objective 2
Arre is at Kuru-leiri, south-east of Kibilzahar.

Having defeated Delucheleg, the Gaunt-man responsible for raising the wights, you should return to Arre and tell him of your discoveries and battles.
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