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Calenthon and Malloval

Starting at:

Calenthon (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Calenthon has sent his falcon Malloval to scout the Rhudaur ruins in Nan Tornaeth a long while ago, but Malloval has not returned.

Objective 1
The slope south of Calenthon would be an ideal location at which to blow the whistle he gave you to summon Malloval.

Calenthon gave you a whistle with which to summon his falcon, Malloval. He suggested you take friends for safety.
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Objective 2
After using Calenthon's whistle, you heard a falcon cry above the ruins near the bridge of Thoniant in Nan Tornaeth.
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Objective 3
Calenthon is south of the bridge of Thoniant, in Nan Tornaeth.

Calenthon will be pleased to hear that you defended his falcon, Malloval, from the Hillmen of Rhudaur and waits for you to return with his whistle.
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