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A Dessicated Husk: The Fanatic's Tale

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Dessicated Husk (Item)

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Quest Description:

Igash appeared to be different than other Orcs. An unearthly fire burned behind his eyes, and when he fell to your blade, something was left behind and this husk is now an item of some consternation.

Objective 1
Narfi is at the Twenty-first Hall.

You discovered that Igash was something more than a typical Orc and are looking for some answers to newfound questions.
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Objective 2
Pálmar is at Anazârmekhem.

Narfi could give you very little information about the strange husk, but he thought that his agent, Pálmar -- posted in Anazármekhem -- may know something about the strange fire behind Igash's eyes.
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