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Bleeding Heart

Starting at:

Soldier Kaasak (Orc)

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Building a horn to summon reinforcements to Tol Ascarnen requires that several pieces be collected and assembled for an Orc to watch over and use when the Free Peoples make their assault against the fort.

Objective 1
The Leafcull Huorns make their home in the southern woods of Hithlad. Find the huorn amonst the trees south of the Grimwood Lumber Camp in Hithlad, to the southwest of Tol Ascarnen.

Angmar's forces at Tol Ascarnen are building a horn to call reinforcements to the fight when the Free Peoples return to assault the area. Kaasak has tasked you with collecting the heartwood of a Leafcull Huorn to act as the stand upon which the horn will rest. Damaging the heartwood will make it useless.
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