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Gathering Ancient Texts

Starting at:

Broderic Willowmeade

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Deep within Haudu Iarchith in the Barrow-downs, there are rumoured to be pillars with ancient texts scrawled upon them. This text may tell ancient stories of the heroes of our past.

Objective 1
Haudh Iarchicth is located west of Ost Gorthad in the southern Barrow-downs.

Broderic Willowmeade has asked you to recover ancient texts in Haudh Iarchicth. Using the charcoal and paper that I have provided you, take rubbings from the pillars that are scattered about.
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Objective 2
Broderic Willowmeade can be found near the Hunting Lodge at the end of the Haunted Alley in Bree.

You should return to Broderic Willowmeade with the text you found.
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