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Howls that Shake the Spirit

Starting at:

Reginald Sickleweed (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Guides out of Bree fear for their wards as the terror of the Barrow-downs are now unleashed in the north. This unexpected course has forced them to drastic action.

Objective 1
Barghests infest the northern Barrow-downs.

The howls of the barghests are enough to frighten less hardy souls near to death. The poor folk of Bree trapped between the Barrow-downs and the Old Forest are weakened by their journey and need rest that the howls will not afford. Reginald Sickleweed asked for your assistance in driving the barghests off.
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Objective 2
Reginald Sickleweed is at the encampment between the Old Forest and the Barrow-downs.

At the behest of Reginald Sickleweed, you fought and defeated several barghests in an attempt to silence their howls. You should return to him with news of your success.
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