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Arthedain's Lost Brethren

Starting at:

Dannasen (NPC)

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Quest Description:

The shades that wander these marshy lands were cursed to remain in Middle-earth, houseless and restless, until they either redeemed or destroyed the Red-maid of Agamaur.

Objective 1
Make your way to the entrance to the area known as Garth Agarwen and speak with the Eglan, Hartrím.

Dannasen asked you to seek out Hartrím at the entrance to Garth Agarwen in an effort to discover if he has found any of the shields once used by Dannasen and his brethren.
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Objective 2
The Hillmen of Rhudaur who serve the Red-maid and their brigand allies can be found in Garth Agarwen, the fortress of the Red-maid in the north-east of Agamaur.

Dannasen, one of the shades of Arthedain cursed by Iarwain Ben-adar, fears that the others have lost their resolve to break their curse, believing that the Red-maid is too powerful. To strengthen their resolve, Dannasen enlisted Hartrím of the Eglain to collect the shields they lost to Rhudaur long years ago. Hartrím, too weak to face these foes, turns to you for assistance.
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