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Vol. I, Book 11, Chapter 7: An Unsavoury Air

Starting at:

Candelleth (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Candelleth has decided upon several locations within the woods of Tâl Bruinen that might hide the ring Narchuil.

Objective 1
Muildir is outside the narrow pass through the rocks to Delossad, south-east of Echad Candelleth. Lavanthir is outside the entrance to Eryn Singor, home of the Wood-trolls in north-west Tâl Bruinen.

Candelleth has told you of two locations in Tâl Bruinen that possess an unsavoury air: a set of ruins called by the Elves Delossad, and the home of the Wood-trolls at Eryn Singor. Two of her scouts, Muildir and Lavanthir, are investigating these locations, and she has asked you to consult them for guidance.
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Objective 2
Candelleth is at Echad Candelleth in Tâl Bruinen.

You have investigated both Eryn Singor and Delossad, but have found no sign of Narchuil. Candelleth is waiting to hear of your progress.
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