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An Old Trove

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Old Scroll-fragment (Item)

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Quest Description:

You found an interesting scroll fragment. By itself it is illegible, but perhaps in combination with other fragments, the original scroll can be restored.

Objective 1
Brigands and robbers can be found in many places around Lake Evendim.

Brigands and tomb-robbers in Evendim most likely hold the remaining fragments of the scroll you found.
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Objective 2
Tinnudir, an island west of Emyn Uial, may have a lore-master who can help you reassemble the scroll.

You found all the scroll-fragments; now all you have to do is put them together.
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Objective 3
The old trove is hidden beneath a stone marker, north-east of Tinnudír in the ruins of Barad Rath.

Culang helped to reconstruct the old scroll and told you the good news: not only does it give directions to an old treasure, but the treasure is one that can be honourably recovered, since there is no record of the original owners.
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Objective 4
Culang can be found back at Tinnudir.

You found no great treasure; it appears that the old trove had been looted long ago. But you did recover an old book: a chronicle of the Battle of Fornost. Perhaps Culang would find it of interest, along with the scroll he restored for you.
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