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Vol. I, Book 10, Chapter 3: The Battle for Annúminas

Starting at:

Fainneleg (NPC)

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Quest Description:

Fainneleg's Rangers are stretched too thin to defend the city from repeated attacks by the minions of Amarthiel.

Objective 1
Gwonil is on the docks at the Port of Annúminas, north of Echad Garthadir. Torchirion is at Adannon, a small gate in the city wall west of the docks that provides access to the western shore of Lake Nenuial. Angmarim archers lie in wait throughout the city, often in hiding.

Fainneleg has asked you to hurry to the defence of Gwonil and of Torchirion, for he fears that these Rangers cannot withstand another assault on their positions. He also wishes you to defeat any bow-wielding Angmarim you come across within the city.
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  • Step no.1
    Talk to Gwonil and help defend her position Click here to insert images
  • Step no.2
    Talk to Torchirion and defend his position Click here to insert images
  • Step no.3
    Defeat Bow-wielding Angmarim in Annúminas Click here to insert images

Objective 2
Fainneleg is at Echad Garthadir, the Ranger-camp on the middle level of Annúminas.

You have spoken with Gwonil and Torchirion and defeated several bow-wielding Angmarim in Annúminas and should return now to Fainneleg to report of your victories.
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