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Allies of Mordor

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Knakk (NPC)

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The Ghâsh-hai have allied with the forces of Mordor and are moving to support them in the battle against the Orcs of Moria.

Objective 1
The traps are in Zelem-melek, to the west and north of the Orc-watch. The dwarves placed them in Gabil-mamach and Budkhul-tharâkh.

The Ghâsh-hai are preparing to reinforce the Mordor Orcs, but the dwarves are not ready for that to happen yet. Knakk has asked you to arm several traps they plan to use to slow the Ghâsh-hai's progress.
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Objective 2
Knakk is at the Orc-watch, east of Fauthûrz-ghâsh.

Knakk will be pleased to hear that all the traps have been armed, and the Ghâsh-hai have been slowed.
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