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Mother of the Valley

Starting at:

Arastil (NPC)

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Quest Description:

A drake-matron, the mother of the brood you destroyed, resides within the western valley of Ram Dúath. The pass will not be safe until she is slain.

Objective 1
The drake-matron resides within the western pass of Ram Dúath, north-east of Esteldín.

Arastil has set you one more task: slay the drake-matron of Ram Dúath. As long as she lives, she will only spawn a new brood. Arastil warns you to take allies, for the drake-matron is likely to be enraged by the loss of her brood.
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Objective 2
Arastil awaits you at Esteldín.

Arastil will be pleased to know that you have slain the matron. Return to him at Esteldín with news of your victory.
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